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Laxmi Niwas, Niwai, Jaipur
The Suburban area of jaipur has a great potential of development and it is developing with a great pace. So we are coming up with a new project Laxmi Niwas, Niwai, jaipur-Tonk Road, NH-12, Rajasthan.Niwai city is well known for it’s world famous vanasthali vidyapeeth.
The city has turned into an education hub as there are many education institutes like Vanasthali, Dr. K.N Modi, jagannath University, institute of Advance studies and many other institutes in this area.Niwai City has it 's own industrial area and many big industries has already set up their plants in Niwai, Tonk Road, NH-12 is poised for spectacular growth with four lane highway and many upcoming & existing townships, project and hotels. The Government has already declared for the internationalization of NH-12. Laxmi Niwas offers a wide variety of Residential plots at such an affordable rates and quality which creates a benchmark for other too.
This project is a platform that opens a whole new world of opportunities and weaves closer relationships amongst families and family members. The swimming pool, joggers track, outdoor sports area, spa and Gym, add to zing of living. LAXMI NIWAS offers the opportunity to retire to the club rejoice life to the hilt. The passion of a delightful social life with priviledge neighbours will be very charming.
Narmada Buildcon
At "Narmada Buildcon Pvt. Ltd." proposes to allot 100, 150, 200, 400, 500, 600 Sq. Yard Free hold Plots. We are also planning to launch farm houses. Narmada buildcon Pvt Ltd. is a professionally managed organization headed under "Mr. Ghanshyam Swami" Whose aim is to bring quality residential and commercial destinations of international standard comparable to the best in the world. The company firmly believes in the simple motto of providing Value for money to the customer in terms of both qualities of construction, be it the house or the necessary infrastructure as well as the needed amenities to make life comfortable.
We offer you the best real estate in jaipur as jaipur is slated to become the promised business destination, and is also the capital of the largest state, Rajasthan in India.
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